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Gwinnett County Town Hall Videos

    Internet Safety Town Hall Meeting February 27, 2007
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    The Richard Hull Middle School PTSA, and the Richard Hull Middle School Technology department partnered with community experts and Georgia Public Broadcasting to sponsor an Internet Safety Town Hall Meeting. Hosted by WXIA local TV news personality, Chris Holcomb, the purpose of the town hall meeting was to educate teens, parents and educators on the safe use of computers, cell phones, social networking sites and electronic gaming devices.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Introduction
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    Townhall Meeting Segment: Matt Roberts
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    Matt Roberts gives an abbreviated presentation of the GEMA sponsored outreach program on Internet Safety that is delivered throughout the state of Georgia. The presentation, aimed at teens, tweens, parents and educators , stresses how important it is not to give out too much personal information about oneself while on the Internet. Roberts demonstrates how an Internet Predator can comb innocuous information from the Internet and track a young teen or tween to their home address in a matter of minutes.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Bobby Stanley
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    Special Agent Bobby Stanley is an investigator with the GBI Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and has an extensive history investigating Internet Predators. Special Agent Stanley explains that contrary to popular belief, most Internet Predators come from all walks of life.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Danny Porter
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    Mr. Porter is both a District Attorney and a parent. Having raised a son and serving as District Attorney for Gwinnett County, Mr. Porter provides an insightful perspective from both a legal and parental standpoint in offering tips to both parents and teens on Internet Safety.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Patti Agatston
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    Dr. Patti Agatston is a licensed Intervention Counselor who has more than twenty years of experience working with teens, parents and educators. Agatston is also co-author of the book, Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age. Dr. Agatston provides an insightful look into the world of Cyber Bullying and how something that was once resigned to the playground or the bus stop has now found a new home in the anonymity of computers and cell phone use.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Penny Harger
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    Ms. Penny Harger is a family therapist who focuses on individual and marriage counseling. Ms. Harger stresses the importance of strong parenting and guidance when it comes to developing a technology management plan for the use of technology both in and out of the home environment.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Shera Carr
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    Dr. Sherah Carr has a wide range of experience when it comes to working with educators, parents and tweens. In Dr. Carr’s presentation, she focuses on the development of the Adolescent brain and how it plays an integral part in the decision making process many tweens use when it comes to sharing images on cell phones, texting one another or creating their own social networking sites.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Sam Lim
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    Mr. Sam Lim is Vice President and General Manager of Scientific Atlanta, a CISCO company, that focuses on the delivery of digital media. Speaking both as a parent and as a member of the Digital Media World, Mr. Lim reminds the audience that developing technologies are constantly changing and there are both positive and negative components to each.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Rachel Johnston
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    Rachel Johnston is a former community outreach trainer with Netsmartz, the Educational resource from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Ms. Johnston gives an abbreviated overview of her middle school program and shares with the audience the many Internet safety resources available from the Netsmartz website that are available for download.

    Townhall Meeting Segment: Question and Answers
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