Instant Iraq

Instant Iraq

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Instant IraqImagine... the ability to communicate with a solider on the battlefield by a cell phone, a web camera, or by video conference. It's happening now. The war on terror is the first in which American soldiers and their families can communicate with each other, in real time, through advanced communications technology. Instant Iraq is about how the communications revolution is changing how military families stay connected and how networks form to support them. Among the stories Instant Iraq tells are that of a solider and his wife and how they stay in contact each day through a webcam, a soldier who tells his mom through an Instant Message that he was shot in combat, and how a nationwide organization formed - via an Internet Web site - to support returning veterans.

Instant Iraq is a Georgia Public Broadcasting original production and was made possible by a generous grant from WETA and by Viewers Like You. Thank You!

Program originally aired on August 6, 2007



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