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Tara Perryman Teaches the Standards

Tara Perryman Teaches the Standards - Social Studies & ELA

Tara Perryman Teaches the Standards - My Rights, My Voice Essay

Tara Perryman Discusses Learning Maps

Tara Perryman Discusses Blended Learning

Grade Level

Fourth Grade

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


Unit plan and supplementary materials coming soon.

About the Teacher

Tara Perryman
Tara Perryman

Tara Perryman received her Bachelors from the University of Iowa and her Masters from Auburn University.  Upon graduation, Tara worked as a fourth grade teacher at New Hope Elementary School in Locust Grove, Georgia.  Her personalized learning practices have been showcased through presentations at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference and iNACOL Symposium.  She also led a personalized learning webinar through iNACOL. Currently, Tara serves as the personalized learning coach at New Hope Elementary.