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Ice Blink

Ice Blink profiles a conventional family living an unconventional life. The Martin family — composed of Dave, Jaja and their crew of three children — cruised the world's oceans, circumnavigating the globe on a 25-foot sailboat and later, voyaging to the Arctic aboard their 33-foot steel sloop. Ice Blink intertwines spectacular location footage, fascinating anecdotes and thought-provoking observations on life's great choices. The documentary details the Martin's remarkable sailing adventures to Norway, Iceland and Greenland, where they encounter bad weather, icebergs and polar bears, and also forge new friendships. This uplifting film endeavors to be more than a globe-trotting travelogue; the inspiring narrative chronicles the courageous sacrifices the Martins made to live differently, and simply, by embracing self-reliance and family. Their four-year maritime journey aboard their floating home and schoolhouse tests their physical and mental limits, which teaches them valuable lessons about navigating life's waters. The Martin children recount the challenges of cramped quarters, living without television and simultaneously starting school while learning a new language.