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Hershey Park: Sweet Memories

Hershey Park: Sweet Memories is a one-hour documentary that takes viewers on a vintage tour of how Hersheypark in Pennsylvania transformed from a small picnic grove to a world-famous attraction. Using archival film footage, historic photographs, home movies and first-hand accounts, the program also presents a sweet ride through the Hershey chocolate factory and the town of Hershey, which is enveloped in the smell of chocolate and has candy-shaped streetlights that look good enough to eat. It traces the park's origins to the turn of the century, when chocolate magnate Milton S. Hershey wanted to provide his employees with a place where they could come with their families and indulge in a Sunday picnic or a stroll by the stream. After building a merry-go-round, which on its first day earned $87 at five cents a ride, Hershey knew he was on to something. The program also looks at the park today and the updates that were made in honor of its 90th anniversary.