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Episode 312 - Speed Tour of Georgia

This week the Georgia Traveler team speeds through Georgia… Whether by foot, car or boat, the team picks up the pace in the Peach State. We visit the Atlanta Motor Speedway, catch a boat at the Southern Nationals in Augusta, race through downtown Atlanta and relax after a high speed thrill near Chateau Elan. It’s all this week on Georgia Traveler’s Speed Tour of Georgia.

Peachtree Road Race

The Peachtree Road Race has been held since 1970. Beginning with just over 100 participants, the race has grown to over 55,000, becoming the largest 10K in the nation. David visits with the first winner of the storied race and catches up to a few current runners. Will David win the Peachtree? Tune in to see the not-too-shocking conclusion.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

David invites Captain Herb Emory to Atlanta Motor Speedway to compete for the fastest pace car time. With tips from Captain Herb himself, David races around the track at a not so blistering speed that would make rush hour drivers look fast. David also catches up with the Legends Racing teams and finds out there’s more to see at Atlanta Motor Speedway than just NASCAR.

Augusta Southern Nationals

Each year Augusta plays host to the Southern Nationals, a high speed boat race right down the middle of the Savannah River. Valarie hops on a land locked boat and discovers yet another one of Augusta’s treasured traditions.

Road Atlanta and Chateau Elan

The owners of Chateau Elan are some of the biggest racing fans around. They have partnered with Road Atlanta to give guests a once in a lifetime driving experience. Valarie drops by Braselton for some pace cars and pampering.

Season : Episode 312 - Speed Tour of Georgia

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