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Episode 308 - Kids Tour of Georgia

This week the Georgia Traveler team does child’s play on our Kids Tour of Georgia. Come along as we celebrate imagination at the Children's Museum of Atlanta, stomp around in a kid size city in Gainesville, deliver a Cabbage Patch Doll in Cleveland and spend the night with sharks in downtown Atlanta. It’s all this week on Georgia Traveler.

Imagine It! Children’s Museum

The heart of downtown Atlanta offers kids 8 and under an adventure unlike anything else in town. Children can learn right along side their parents interactive ways to develop their knowledge. Reading, writing and arithmetic have never been so much fun to learn! Discover the secret behind the success of Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Baby Land General

Valarie Edwards scrubs in on a Cabbage Patch Kid delivery in Cleveland, Georgia. Known the world over as the birthplace of the "hand-stitched" Original Cabbage Patch Kids, BabyLand General Hospital is a very real place. You can visit them on line or in person almost every day of the year.


Once a simple playroom in Sheri Hooper’s basement, The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids has grown into a giant “must see” for the whole family. David and his son Conor explore the exhibits inside INK where kids can explore future occupations and hobbies or just have a wild and crazy time.

Georgia Aquarium

The world’s largest aquarium is located right in the heart of downtown Atlanta, but did you know that you can swim in the tanks with the fish? (including sharks!)… Also, did you know that you can spend the night in the aquarium? David journeys to The Georgia Aquarium to check in with a few young marine adventurers.

Season : Episode 308 - Kids Tour of Georgia

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