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Episode 303 - Ghost Tour of Georgia

Georgia Traveler embarks on a Ghost Tour of Georgia. From Civil War apparitions to paranormal peach state pirates, it’s our scariest episode yet

The Pirates' House

David Zelski opens the show in the beautiful historic coastal city of Savannah, which has been dubbed “America’s most haunted city”; and no better location than the city’s oldest standing building, built in 1734, a restaurant now known as “The Pirates’ House.” Legend has it that the infamous Captain J. Flint died in this former pirate dwelling and several of his “mates” still reside…in some form or another.

The Windsor Hotel
The Windsor Hotel is the centerpiece of Americus, Georgia. Drive into town and it seems everyone has a story about the Windsor to share, whether it’s about the architectural beauty of the Victorian building or about a few of its ghostly inhabitants. Valarie Edwards spends an evening at the Windsor Hotel and does a little ghost hunting of her own to see what all the talk is about.

The Ghosts of Chickamauga
The Battle of Chickamauga was one of the bloodiest battles in the civil war with over 34,000 casualties… but where there is bloodshed, spirits often remain, and the town of Chickamauga has no shortage of ghost stories. From the legend of the Lady in White to Old Green Eyes, ghost sightings are a common occurrence. David Zelski hears a few stories from the battlefield and from a quaint little downtown café known as Scarlett’s Tea Room.

It’s a place where families and friends can gather together for one common goal…to get really scared! Phil Proctor journeys to one of America’s scariest haunted houses, NETHERWORLD!!! This Norcross phenomenon seems to get bigger and better every year. Watch if you dare!