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Episode 208 - Pine Mountain Passages

On this week's episode of Georgia Traveler, we're exploring "Pine Mountain Passages" in west Georgia. Keely and Phil begin with a great getaway to Callaway Gardens and enjoy gardens, golf and the new lodge and spa. David meets a new species of friend at the Wild Animal Safari and Keely hikes the Pine Mountain Trail. Phil finds fantastic food at the Bulloch House and David takes a legendary swim in Warm Springs.

Getaway: Callaway Gardens (Pine Mountain)Watch This Segment Online
Callaway Gardens features a vast array of things to do and see, and Keely and Phil jump right into fray. Keely gets a massage in the spa, and Phil explores his feminine side with a manicure. The golf course at Callaway is legendary, and Phil doesn’t lose anytime getting acquainted with it. After a refreshing round of golf, it’s off to the Day Butterfly Center, a glass conservatory with over 1000 butterflies in free flight at all times. Always a sport, outdoors expert Keely challenges Phil to identify as many winged friends as they can. Competition may be fierce, but there’s always time to relax at Callaway Gardens!

Family Fun: Wild Animal Safari (Pine Mountain)Watch This Segment Online
Lions, tigers, and ze-donks; oh, my! That’s right, Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain features some of the wildest animals you’ve ever seen. David Zelski takes a safari deep into west Georgia and discovers some pretty peculiar quadrupeds. Take Too Tall, the only giraffe we know of with a personal bodyguard! Or how about the ligers? Papa was a lion; mama was a tiger. Seriously. Whatever combination you’re looking for, Wild Animal Safari probably has it. Even the dreaded girocadile!

Outdoor Activity: Pine Mountain Hiking Trail (Pine Mountain) – Watch This Segment Online
The Pine Mountain Hiking Trail begins in FDR State Park, one of the oldest and largest state parks in Georgia. Accessibility to the trail is key, and several parking lots are located along the length of it to facilitate long hikes or short loops. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, himself, helped to supervise the construction of FDR State Park as a project of the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). This historic park features the famous Liberty Bell Pool as well as Dowdell’s Knob, FDR’s favorite picnic spot, overlooking the gorgeous valley below. Join Keely as she hikes the trail and discovers what made FDR fall in love with this part of Georgia. and

Food Find: Bulloch House (Warm Springs)Watch This Segment Online
"They come here to visit the Little White House, and they come and eat with us." The Bulloch House is famous for serving up the tastiest Southern cuisine around, and co-host Phil Proctor takes his place at the buffet to see how it’s all done. Converted from a historic home into a fine restaurant, the Bulloch House’s success is attributed to its staff. Come along as Phil tastes some delicious food and discovers the legend of the Pulley Bone! The folks at the Bulloch House don’t have a website but you can call them at (706) 655-9068. They’re located at 47 Bulloch St on GA Hwy 41 in Warm Springs, GA.

Local Legend: Dip Into the Past (Warm Springs)Watch This Segment Online
Warm Springs is home to the Little White House, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vacation home. FDR’s battle with polio led him to the area, and he found the fresh spring water beneficial to his paralysis. He established the Warm Springs Institute here to treat patients with polio and other diseases. David visits “Dip Into the Past,” an event that opens the original spring water pools that the president and patients used to visitors. He also stops off at the Institute to see the “Whatever Happened to Polio” exhibit. With the natural beauty of the pools and the smiling faces of the locals, it’s easy to see why Georgia’s favorite president loved this area so much.,, and

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Season 2: Episode 208 - Pine Mountain Passages

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