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Episode 205 - Wiregrass Highway

On this week's episode of Georgia Traveler, we're exploring U.S. 84, the Wiregrass Highway from Valdosta to Bainbridge. The team gets great travel advice at the Visitors Information Center in Valdosta and sets off in search of family fun at the Wild Adventures Theme Park. David discovers the local legend of the Carolina Bays and gets a taste of the farm life at the Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville. Keely explores the Plantation Parkway and Phil goes fishing at Lake Seminole with professional angler and Bainbridge native Pam Martin-Wells.

Family Fun: Wild Adventures (Valdosta)Watch This Segment Online


"Part theme park, part zoo, and 100 percent fun" aptly describes Valdosta’s Wild Adventures theme park. The whole Traveler crew takes a break from the road to relax and have some fun at the park. Keely and Tuesday visit Bugsville, the part of the park especially for kids, while David dives into Splash Island and Phil finds some scaly friends at the exhibit called Fangs. Anyone taking bets on who wins the Georgia Traveler Coaster Challenge? Hint: it’s not David Zelski!

Local Legend: Carolina Bays (Naylor)Watch This Segment Online


Things get mysterious as David Zelski visits Grand Bay, one of the many thousands of huge Carolina Bays that dot the eastern United States. Were these strange wetland areas created by an ancient meteor shower, great winds, giant prehistoric beavers, or visitors from another planet? Join David as he treks through Grand Bay and tries to find out.

Getaway: Plantation Parkway (Thomasville)Watch This Segment Online


Keely takes a step back in time and stops along the Plantation Parkway, an area filled with magnificent homes of a by-gone era. Many of these homes have found new life today as bed and breakfasts, resorts, and museums. Tourists can stay overnight at the Coalson Plantation, built in 1825, or visit the museum at Pebble Hill Plantation. Nearby Greenwood Plantation is managed by the Nature Conservancy and features 5200 acres of longleaf pine forest. , and

Food Find: Sweet Grass Dairy (Thomasville)Watch This Segment Online


On a back-roads cheese run David stumbles across Sweet Grass Dairy, home of the best cheese anywhere! The 140-acre farm is family-owned and operated and is home to dozens of contented goats who are more than happy to give up their milk to make delicious gourmet cheese. To that end, David tries a hand a milking, and enjoys a tasty treat of fresh goat’s milk. The goats seem happy to have a new friend, so happy they almost didn’t let David leave!

Outdoor Activity: Lake Seminole (Bainbridge)Watch This Segment Online


Phil teams up with a pro as he goes fishing on Lake Seminole. Woman’s Bassmaster Champion Pam Martin-Wells shows Phil the ropes (he already had the line and the bait!). The best time for bass fishing on Lake Seminole is from about March to May, so Phil and Pam had better luck pole fishing for brim and blue gill. Whoa, Phil, watch the side of the boat! For more information on fishing on Lake Seminole, check out Jack Wingate’s Lunker Lodge; it’s the base of operation for Pam and Steven Wells’s guide service.

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Season 2: Episode 205 - Wiregrass Highway

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