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Episode 202 - Roaming the Atlanta Highway

On this week's episode of Georgia Traveler, we're "Roaming the Atlanta Highway", exploring U.S. 78 from Stone Mountain to Washington. Keely finds family fun at Stone Mountain Park and joins David on the Arabia Mountain Greenway Trail for some outdoor activities. Phil gets some crazy good food at Locos in Athens. David explores the local legend of lost Confederate gold and experiences a great getaway at the Fitzpatrick Hotel, both in Washington.

Outdoor Activity: Arabia Mountain Greenway Trail (Lithonia)Watch This Segment Online
Just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Atlanta, the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve in Lithonia offers the perfect mix of wilderness and accessibility. Georgia Traveler co-host Keely Muse treks to the top of Arabia Mountain, Bradley Point, revealing little-known bits of Georgia’s natural history along the way.

Family Fun: Stone Mountain Park (Stone Mountain)Watch This Segment Online
Just a few miles to the north of Arabia Mountain, is its big sister, Stone Mountain. Keely and her daughter, Tuesday, take part in the annual Spring Fun Break event for some Family Fun. But Spring Fun Break is only the beginning; Stone Mountain Park also plays host to the Yellow Daisy Festival, held around Labor Day, the fall Pumpkin Festival, and Stone Mountain Christmas, held in December. Keely and Tuesday find a lot of things to keep them busy!

Food Find: Loco's (Athens)Watch This Segment Online
What do you call it when you combine a moose, two University of Georgia alumni and mammoth burgers? We call it a fantastic food find. Locos Grill and Pub founded by Jamey Loftin and Hughes Lowrance resides in Athens, Georgia. Relying on their original ingredients of great food, fun, and family, it’s no wonder they’ve been around since the mid 80’s. Check out their menu or more history on their website at

Local Legend: Lost Confederate Gold (Washington)Watch This Segment Online
If you’re looking for a fascinating historical mystery drenched in local flavor, look no further than Washington, Georgia, the last known stop of the Lost Confederate Gold. David Zelski dons his detective persona and borrows a metal detector to hunt for the missing treasure, and stumbles across a true ghost story that may shed some light on the 150-year old mystery.

Getaway: Fitzpatrick Hotel (Washington)Watch This Segment Online
Known not only for its famous haunts and lost treasure, Washington also features an extra special Getaway. The Fitzpatrick Hotel has been charming locals and guests since the late 1800s. Founded by two Irish brothers, the Fitzpatrick is the perfect spot to cool your heels after a long day of treasure hunting. Although the hotel and accompanying restaurant closed in the 1950s, recent renovations have brought the grand old place to life again. Tre’ bun!

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Season 2: Episode 202 - Roaming the Atlanta Highway

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