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Episode 105 – Historic South (Augusta)

On this week's episode of Georgia Traveler, it's off to Georgia's Historic South. Augusta is our destination city, which we visit during the world-renowned Masters tournament. We'll visit the boyhood home of America's 28th President and the State Botanical Gardens in Athens. We discover the comedic duo Laurel and Hardy in Harlem while Phil Proctor finds healthy food for the soul in Augusta. David Zelski undertakes a search for Santa Claus.

Search for Santa Claus (Lyons, Vidalia, Santa Claus) – Watch This Segment Online
Searching for Santa Georgia???  There may be several things to do in Toombs County that you already know about, but did you know that Santa Claus is also in Toombs County? Georgia Travelers resident detective David Zelski heads to Toombs County In Search Of Santa Claus. During his journey, he visits several places in Lyons, Georgia, including the Blue Marquee Theater, and then heads to Georgia's onion town, Vidalia. Does he find Claus? You must watch to find out.

The Laurel and Hardy Museum (Harlem) Watch This Segment Online
The Oliver Hardy Festival started in 1989, and there were only approximately 30 to 45 crafters and vendors. Gradually, through the years, a parade was added, as well as entertainment, a street dance and more. Several Laurel and Hardy fans began to frequent the festival and started sending Laurel and Hardy memorabilia, which was displayed in the City Hall during every festival. Here's another fine mess you've gotten yourself into! Oliver Hardy would have most likely said about the Festival honoring him. Currently in its 17th year, the Oliver Hardy Festival has grown to over 375 crafters and vendors, a carnival, two stages of live entertainment, a look-a-like contest, parade, movie mania, Drama Fest Competition, and more!

Hot Foods by Calvin (Augusta) Watch This Segment Online
Is there such a thing as healthy soul food? Georgia Traveler's food man Phil Proctor visits two locations of Hot Foods by Calvin in Augusta on a search for greens that are good for you. Be sure and patronize these award-winning places operated by award-winning chef Calvin Green.

Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home (Augusta)

Historic Augusta preserves and maintains the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson in order to inform and educate the public about Woodrow Wilson's childhood in Augusta, Georgia and its effect on his Presidency. David Zelski shares a few of those stories and takes you inside the beautifully restored home.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia (Athens) – Watch This Segment Online
The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a 313-acre preserve set aside by the University of Georgia to foster appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of plants and nature through collections and displays, horticultural gardens, educational programs, and research. The Garden is a "living laboratory," a vital resource for the teaching, research, and public service missions of the University. Georgia Traveler visits these beautiful grounds.

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Season 1: Episode 105 – Historic South (Augusta)

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