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  • Nina Pape

    Nina Anderson Pape, Miss Pape, as she was known, was born into a prominent Savannah family. Her grandfather, Edward Clifford Anderson, was the city’s five-time mayor. Nina had access to the finest education available but she never took her advantages lightly. Tutors educated her at Girls High School in Savannah and she completed her schooling at Madame LeFebvre’s French Finishing School in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1895 Nina began her first job, as a first-grade teacher at Massie Elementary School in Savannah, considered the best school in the area. While at Massie, Nina created the Froebel Society, based on the ideas of educator philosopher Frederic Froebel, with the goal of reaching out to the children of the poor with new and innovative teaching techniques.

    Read a full profile of Pape on the Georgia Women of Achievement website.

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