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  • Video: Keeping Cultures Alive Today

    Marie Juneluska knows it is important for her daughter Nina to stay connected to her Cherokee heritage. How can she do that in today’s modern society? Marie teaches Nina to make grated corn bread from scratch and drills her on the meaning of Cherokee words as she learns the language. This segment shows ways in which today’s Cherokees are transmitting the remnants of their culture to the younger generation in an attempt to preserve what is left. Cherokee cultural traditions in food preparation, language, and songs and dances are shown.

    Teacher tip: Use this video to introduce the idea of the kind of elements that make a culture unique such as food, language, songs, dances, and a system of belief. Create a culture log of elements common in groups who came to Georgia in the past and use it to trace the development of our shared Georgia heritage today. Find recipes for grated corn bread and compare them.

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