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  • Juliet Gordon Low

    The life of Juliette Gordon Low is the story of a woman who outgrew the tormenting superficialities of upper-class society to accomplish a major service to people of all classes and races: the founding of the Girl Scouts. She was born into the wealthy Gordon Family of Savannah on the eve of the Civil War. Her socialite mother was impatient with the trouble of bearing children and could not take seriously her husband’s loyalty to the Confederacy. The tension between social appearance and hard reality was felt by little Juliette from her earliest years. All through her childhood, she showed a rebellious, tomboyish streak that kept her from ever entirely fitting the conventional image of the aristocratic Southern Belle. An unhappy marriage to a wealthy and self-indulgent English gentleman left her determined to find a life of service.

    Read a full profile of Gordon Low on the Georgia Women of Achievement website.

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