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Study Guide: The Economics of War

Research the historical documents for The Economics of War to find answers to
many of the following questions. Historical documents are primary documents
that can include old photographs and newspaper clippings, documents, reports,
old magazine articles, and art work.

1. What is a blockade? Why did President Abraham Lincoln have the South blockaded?

References - Newspapers

"Daring of the Blockade Runners." Charleston Mercury.

"Blockade Broken." Atlanta Southern Confederacy.

2. Did any ships make it through the blockade?

References - Newspapers

"A Privateer." Southern Confederacy.

"The Morality of Blockade-Runners." New York Times.

"Blockade Broken." Southern Confederacy.

Advertisement. "Through the Blockade..." Southern Confederacy.

3. With whom did the Confederacy trade?

References - Newspapers

"Capture of a British Brig at Tybee for an attempt to Break the Blockade off the Port of Savannah." Savannah Daily Morning News.

"A Profitable Business." Daily Dispatch.

"Blockade-Running from the Clyde." New York Times.

"Atlanta Clothing Hall." Southern Confederacy.

4. List products blockade runners attempted to deliver to Southern ports.

References - Newspapers

"The Late Naval Affair Near Charleston." New York Times.

"A Profitable Business." Richmond Daily Dispatch.

"Vessels to Run the Blockade." Savannah Daily Morning News.

"Blockade Broken." Southern Confederacy.

"Highly Important." New York Times.

5. How did the Northern and Southern press differ in their reports of blockade runners?

References - Newspapers

"A Privateer." Atlanta Southern Confederacy.

"Daring of the Blockade Runners." Charleston Mercury.

"The Morality of Blockade Runners." New York Times.

6. How did the Confederate Army solve some of its supply and equipment needs?

References - Newspapers

"Army Transportation Wanted." Atlanta Southern Confederacy.

7. Where do we find instances of blockade-running today?


Higher Order Thinking Skills:

Just as blockade runners made money during the Civil War, there are companies today that make money selling much-needed arms and materiel to the government during war. Tell why you think this is justified or not, explaining your answer.



Create a newspaper banner headline and article (with pictures from the period) about the blockade and the blockade runners.










The Economics of War

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