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Study Guide: Cops and Robbers

1. Name the three problems encountered by Sheriff Giles on his routine calls.

2. How does Sheriff Giles settle most of these problems?

3. How do these problems and their solutions contrast with the problems you see on TV or know about that happen in larger cities (or suburbs)?

Higher Order Thinking Skills:

Compare Sheriff Giles’ approach to law enforcement to what the police or sheriff would do in similar situations your own community.


1. Invite a local (city or county) law enforcement officer to talk to the class about how they handle the problems in the area in which the students live. If available, ask the school policeman to come talk to the class about problems encountered in their school or in other schools across the school system. Ask him to tell about how these problems are handled and what can happen to the student in each case.

2. Arrange a field trip (even one on-line, if available) to a local police or sheriff’s department to see how 911 calls are handled and/or to get a feel for what happens when someone is arrested, booked, tried, etc.

Following the field trip, or as part of a class project, have students construct a PowerPoint presentation on their local police department or sheriff’s office. Take pictures – preferably with a digital camera to make it easier and quicker to add to the presentation – and write dialogue between an official and a student to make the presentation more interesting. Student questions should be added to the presentation to assess learning by those who make the presentations and those who view it.

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