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The Scottish Highlanders

Look around and you will see people from many different countries studying, living, and working in Georgia. Today’s cultural diversity mirrors the Georgia colony in the early 1700s. One group of colonists from Scotland put down deep roots along the Georgia coast that are in evidence today. Arriving from the highlands of Scotland, this group of settlers came to help defend Georgia from Spanish invaders and to make a new home for themselves. As reenactors explain, the fierce Scottish warriors shared many characteristics with the Native Americans they encountered. Their dress was similar and they had a strong connection to the land. As a reenactor portrays Margaret McIntosh, wife of the Scots’ leader, she makes it clear that Scottish women were strong too and knew how to defend themselves, skills that were critical when the men were away fighting.

Teacher tip: The video begins with students from the Atlanta International School introducing themselves and naming their country of origin. Do a similar diversity check by asking students to name their countries of origin as well as those of people they know in school or in the community. Make a list of countries and compare it to those represented by Georgia’s early settlers.