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The Nancy Hart Story

Have you ever played the parlor game of “telephone” where a phrase is whispered and passed along from person to person? When the final person states it aloud there is generally much laughter since it rarely matches the original phrase. The Nancy Hart story may be a great example of that old game. This reenactment of her well-known encounter with Tories and their fate shows how legends grow and change over time. Reenactor Sue Cone disputes some of the “facts” about Nancy Hart when questioned about her looks and actions. Cone acknowledges that the story more than likely has been embellished but is based in fact. Proof of Hart’s status as a legend is evident in a photograph of her housed in the Daughters of the American Revolution historical collection. One problem however, the photograph is dated one-half of a century before photography was invented! A northeast Georgia county is named for Nancy Hart, and it is the only one in the state named for a woman.

Teacher tip: Why is the Nancy Hart story so well loved in Georgia history? Use this dramatization to begin a discussion of what makes a story of an event memorable and perhaps even enjoyable.