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The Immortal 600

The Immortal 600 is one story which has gone relatively unnoticed in the history of the Civil War. The 600 Confederate POWs were deliberately left on the battlefield, exposed to cannon fire from both the Confederate and Federal armies. In all, they endured 45 days of exposure to shellfire.

The Immortal 600 teaching package (developed by the Georgia DOT, the Federal Highway Administration, the Georgia Technology Authority, and The History Workshop at Brockington and Associates) includes video and lesson plans designed to challenge the intellect and enhance the oral/written skills of eighth grade students.  The video and curriculum package allows students to learn the story of the Immortal 600 and the concept of POWs. In addition, students will analyze the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on Georgia, as well as consider how the treatment of POWs during the conflict changed society. Included in the Immortal 600 educational package is a group activity that allows students to learn about the role of local governments in Georgia and the affect of laws on their contemporary values and beliefs.

We've provided an Adobe pdf of Teacher's Resources. Click here to download it.