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November 9, 2007

On this week's show…

Mary Ellen Cheatham tackles staph infection. The bacteria are making a comeback in Georgia, which has the medical community worried.

Orlando Montoya explores Georgia’s public health crisis. Officials say the state is weathering major staff shortages, which may harm public health’s effectiveness.

Author Jeff Biggers sits down with Rickey Bevington to discuss his new book about the merits, past and present, of Appalachia.

Commentator Lauretta Hannon shares stories about the less-than-pristine side of Savannah.

Josephine Bennett visits the Fort Hawkins archeological dig, which explores the birthplace of Macon. Two centuries after the city’s founding, we take a look at the site’s history.

Did you get the answer to last time's Georgia Gazette Quiz? The answer is former U.S. Senator Max Cleland. We re-examine a GPB Radio special in which Cleland reflects on the meaning of military service.

In the second half of the show, Susanna Capelouto puts right the myths surrounding the Georgia drought.

The teenager arrested on charges of aggravated child molestation has served three years in prison. The Georgia Supreme Court overturned Genarlow Wilson’s conviction. Now a free man, Wilson says he is working to help teens avoid trouble with the law. Valarie Edwards reports.

Youth Radio looks at the effects of Wilson’s case on teens across Georgia.

Georgia Gazette Commentator Gerry Soud questions the gadget craze. Does it hamper or improve our ability to communicate?

And finally, legendary Athens band Pylon. The group were contemporaries of REM and the B-52s but never achieved the same name recognition. Rickey Bevington sits down with bassist Michael Lachowski to discuss the re-release of Pylon’s debut album.

All this and more on Georgia Gazette.