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Georgia Cooks: Vidalia® Onions

Vidalia® onions are known as the original sweet onion and are unique to Georgia. They can only be grown in 20 counties in the southeastern part of the state. The area’s mild climate; sandy, low-sulfur soil; exclusive seed varieties and years of farming know-how are all part of the equation that makes Vidalia® onions sweet and flavorful.

Vidalia® onions can be used in almost any recipe that calls for onions. However, unlike most onions, Vidalia® onions can be eaten raw without fear of watery eyes and a burning mouth. Many people enjoy them as a side dish for almost any meat or vegetable. One perennial favorite combination is with black-eyed peas, crowder peas or other field peas. Another favorite way is to slip a slice into a biscuit or along with a piece of cornbread. A toasted Vidalia® onion sandwich with mayonnaise and served with a glass of sweet milk or buttermilk is another simple suggestion. At cookouts, Vidalia® onions do double duty – sliced onto hamburgers and chopped onto hot dogs.


A survey of employees at the Georgia Department of Agriculture revealed even more alternatives for using Vidalias®.
Here are a few:

  • Marinated in soy sauce and olive oil and grilled
  • Baked in foil with butter or a bullion cube
  • Thinly sliced on a peanut butter sandwich
  • In salads
  • Microwaved with butter and a little salt and pepper
  • Cut up in vinegar with banana peppers and tomatoes
  • In baked beans
  • Marinated in Italian or balsamic dressing and grilled until slightly tender
  • In a sandwich with tomato
  • In hushpuppies
  • In tartar sauce
  • As onion rings
  • In casseroles

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