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Driving directions

As we traveled around the state, we tried to find some of the
prettiest backroads to share with you. If you'd like to follow the
route we took, the directions follow. There are twists and turns along
the way, so don't get lost! - Larry Jon Wilson


Key:SH = State Highway
CR = County Road


  • Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park to Cuthbert

    From Kolomoki exit out to SH39 North through Fort Gaines - another
    neat place to explore - to Days Crossroads, then take CR164 to Cuthbert.

    Cuthbert to Leslie

    From Cuthbert take CR156 North to just past Benevolence, and then
    turn right [East] onto CR8 until it dead ends into SH41. Turn left
    [North] onto SH41 for about 1.5 miles, and then turn right [East] onto
    CR1527 to Parrott. Turn right [South] onto SH520 [definitely not a
    backroad!] to Dawson, and then turn left [East] onto SH118 through
    Smithville to Leslie.

    Leslie to Sylvester

    From Leslie take SH195 South to Leesburg, and then turn left [East] onto SH32 to Doles.
    At Doles, turn right [South] onto SH313 to Sylvester.

    Sylvester to Moultrie

    From Sylvester take SH112 South to Bridgeboro, and then turn left [Southeast] onto SH133 to Moultrie.


  • Rock Eagle to Sparta

    From Rock Eagle take SH441 South to Eatonton. Turn left [East] onto SH16 to Sparta.

    Sparta to McDuffie County

    From Sparta take SH16 East to Warrenton. Then SH278 East to Thomson.

    McDuffie County to Appling

    From Thomson take SH150 North then East to Pollards Corner, and then turn right [south] onto SH221 to Appling.

    Appling to Harlem

    From Appling, take SH221 South to Harlem.

    Harlem to Wrens

    From Harlem, take SH221 South to Wrens.

    Wrens to Louisville

    From Wrens, take SH102 West to Gibson. Turn left [South] onto SH171 to Louisville.

    Louisville to Sandersville

    From Louisville, take SH24 West to Sandersville.


  • Ebenezer to Claxton

    Take SH275 West to the junction with SH21. Turn right [North] onto
    SH21 [not a backroad!] into Springfield, and then turn left [West] onto
    SH119. At Ivanhoe, make sure you stay on SH119, not SH119C by taking
    the left turn. You'll cross I-16 then SH119 takes you to Pembroke. At
    Pembroke, go right [West] onto SH280 [a 4-lane] into Claxton.

    Claxton to Baxley

    Leave Claxton on SH280 West to Bellville. At Bellville, turn left
    [South] onto SH169/121 to Big Hammock. After crossing the Altamaha
    River, turn right [West] onto SH144 to Baxley.

    Baxley to Waycross

    From Baxley, take SH15 South to the junction with SH203. Turn right
    [West] onto SH203 and follow it South to Blackshear. At Blackshear,
    turn right [South] onto SH84 to Waycross.