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The Water's Edge

Before electricity, gas and oil powered America, the wheels of commerce were turned by water. Take a journey to the past to see remnants of a lifestyle when nature determined the place of development. From brightly painted mills to weather-beaten ruins covered in vines. Discover some of the prettiest places in the state that stand as monuments to the way we used to do business.

Music from this Episode

Title Artist Album Segment Description Help Support GPB!
The Legend Begins Marc Streitenfeld Robin Hood Open Titles
End Credits James Horner Braveheart Mill history, Barker's Creek
Melville's Grand Armada Brian Keane Into the Deep Ogeechee Mill
Wallace Courts Murron James Horner Braveheart Making cornmeal
Sherwood Forest Marc Streitenfeld Robin Hood Hightower Mill
Betrayal and Desolation James Horner Braveheart A once bustling industry
The Final Arrow Marc Streitenfeld Robin Hood Sherman's plan
Nottingham Burns Marc Streitenfeld Robin Hood Razing Roswell Mill
The Princess Pleads for Wallace's Life James Horner Braveheart Waymanville Mill
Walter's Burial Marc Streitenfeld Robin Hood Banning Mills
Robin Speaks Marc Streitenfeld Robin Hood An unleashed river
Merry Men Marc Streitenfeld Robin Hood End Titles