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Snakes Alive

One of the largest snakes in North America is an icon of the south, yet the Eastern Indigo population is shrinking. See an in-depth look at efforts to boost Indigo numbers as well as other native snakes that make the Southeast home to one of the most diverse reptile populations in the nation.

Music from this Episode

Title Artist Album Segment Description Help Support GPB!
"You Don't Dream in Cryo. ...." James Horner Avatar Open Titles
The Storyteller's Dream James Horner Apocalypto Who doesn't like snakes?
Civilisations Brought By Sea James Horner Apocalypto Corn and king
Words Through The Sky James Horner Apocalypto Drymarchon couperi
Sacrificial Procession James Horner Apocalypto Mopani preserve
Tibet (Reprise) / Close George Fenton Planet Earth A shadow of longleaf
Frog Darts James Horner Apocalypto Controlled fire
Pure Spirits Of The Forest James Horner Avatar New growth / tiny eggs
Hunting Chimps George Fenton Planet Earth Timber rattlers
Above Stoneship - Telescope Theme Robyn Miller Myst Copperheads
To The Forest... James Horner Apocalypto Close / End Titles