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Little St. Simons

Little St. Simons can only be reached by boat, but the ride will deliver you to a bird lover's paradise. With no more than 32 overnight guests allowed at a time, this may be a close as you'll ever get to owning your own island!

Music from this Episode

Title Artist Album Segment Description Help Support GPB!
The Beach Theme (Mythical Waters) Angelo Badalamenti The Beach Open Titles
Mournful Myth Angelo Badalamenti The Beach Arrival at Little St. Simons
Mariner's Goodbye James Newton Howard The Beach A birdwatcher's paradise
Mariner's Goodbye James Newton Howard Waterworld Useful horseshoe crabs
Helen Sews James Newton Howard Waterworld Enchanting maritime forest
Swimming James Newton Howard Waterworld Skimmers on the hunt
Le récif de nuit Bruno Coulais Ibis attack
Aquarium Bruno Coulais Resurrection fern
Prodigal Child James Newton Howard Waterworld Island history
Mystery of Christo Angelo Badalamenti The Beach Close / End Titles