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Venomous Animals & Poisonous Plants

Georgia's venomous animals and poisonous plants often arouse our fear, but not always our respect. On this episode, we'll learn to recognize and to appreciate some of Georgia's no-so-cuddly creatures. We'll learn how we can protect ourselves and respect how our animals and plants protect themselves.

First we'll visit the coast to learn about sea creatures that can make you say, "ouch!" You've heard of jellyfish and stingrays, but what is a stargazer, or an oyster toadfish? How likely is a shark attack on Georgia's coast and what, exactly, is a riptide? We'll have some experts answer these questions and we'll go for a trawl on the Skidaway River.

Next, we'll visit Georgia's woodlands to meet some venomous natives. Chris Harper will tell us why we should give a snake a break! And, have you ever mistaken poison ivy for Virginia creeper? Tom Patrick of Georgia's DNR will set us straight when we visit Doerun Pitcherplant Bog Natural Area.

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