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Georgia Trout Grand Slam

Catching trout in Georgia is rather easy if you know the basics, and with over 4000 miles of cold-water streams in our state there are plenty of places to catch trout. Join the Georgia Outdoors crew as as they fish with the experts to try and catch wild members of the trout family: the brown, rainbow and the brook.

But most trout could not survive in Georgia without the help and expertise of a lot of people. We'll examine the cooperation that exists between state and federal agencies and volunteer organizations. These relationships are vital to the management and maintenance of a healthy trout fishery in Georgia.

And finally, see what happens when the Georgia Outdoors crew tags along with some youngsters, and their parents, for some beginning angling. These kids will attempt to catch some freshly stocked rainbow trout in a wild stream. Then watch as these youngsters learn more about trout fishing at a Trout Unlimited kid's fishing rodeo, an event designed to help get young people get started in the fine art of fly-fishing.

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Trout Unlimited

The mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds.