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2nd Annual Georgia Outdoors Nature Photography Contest

This year's Nature Photography Contest was a phenomenal success. We received so many great entries, choosing winners was extremely difficult. Take a look at all of the entries here and you'll see why. Thanks to everyone who participated and keep up the good work.

Ron Holt

As the grand prize winner of the Second Annual Georgia Outdoors Nature Photography Contest Ron joined the Georgia Outdoors crew on a production shoot at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. The day started early, but the rain kept the crew inside. Thankfully there are photography opportunities everywhere if you just look close enough.

When the rain started to clear it was time to head to the beach. As always, the beach afforded several photographic opportunities such as the rare sea oat the great white egret.

Another unique opportunity was a rookery of endangered wood storks nesting atop the pine trees, tucked deceptively behind a driving range and an amphitheater.

We also visited Driftwood Beach, located on the northeastern corner of Jekyll Island, and unmistakable evidence of the naturally occurring erosion process of the barrier islands.

And finally, saving the best for last, it was time for Ron to receive is prizes including a Nikon N-80 camera kit, a $200.00 gift certificate from Showcase Camera in Atlanta, and $200 worth of Fuji Film.

First and Second Place Winners...

Honorable Mentions

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