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Safety and Survival in the Outdoors

Knowledge is the best defense against accidents in the outdoors. Throughout this exciting episode of Georgia Outdoors we'll provide you with tips to make your next outdoor excursion a safe one. Whether your plans involve just a short day-hike in the woods or a five-day mountaineering expedition, these are the things you'll need to know.

Of course accidents do happen, even to the most experienced outdoors person. We'll visit with a team of experts who study the skills of wilderness rescue.

We'll also learn how to identify several types of wild edible and medicinal plants. But keep in mind – you should never consume a plant that you cannot positively identify as safe.

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Poison Control Center

Did you know that the Azalea – a common ornamental shrub in Georgia – is poisonous if ingested, especially by a child? Contact your local Poison Control Center immediately if you or your child has consumed any substance not positively identified as safe.