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Reptiles and Amphibians

Warning: This program contains graphic images of an alligator hunt.

Though they have many differences, biologists call both reptiles and amphibians "herpetofauna" or "herptiles". The southeastern United States is rich in herptile biological diversity. But, to protect this wealth, we need to better understand and to appreciate these creatures.

Are all frogs toads? We'll have the answer and we'll learn about the tremendous diversity of Georgia's amphibians. We'll also meet the eastern hellbender, one of the United States' largest aquatic salamanders. Never seen one? They can reach two-and-a-half feet in length. You may have never seen a bog turtle, either. Why? They are both rare and secretive, but with radio telemetry and our guides, we just might find one.

Next we'll meet the amazing alligator, from a safe distance, of course, and we'll go along for Georgia's first annual alligator hunt. These guys get pretty close to a really big gator. Don't try this at home without both a permit and a training class!

Join us as we explore all this and more!

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