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Reproduction is how a living organism insures the survival of its species. The animal kingdom shows amazing diversity in the ways its species reproduce. From mating rituals to caring for young, each species has its own strategy for successful reproduction.

Animals can be grouped into those who give birth to living offspring and those who lay eggs. Live-bearers include nearly all mammals, some lizards and snakes and some fish, like sharks. Egg-bearers include mostly birds, but also many insects, reptiles and amphibians.

There is amazing diversity in the life cycles and reproductive strategies of each animal species. How a tadpole becomes a frog or how a hatchling sea turtle knows to follow the light of the moon into the sea are wonderful mysteries. Appreciating these mysteries is the first step toward ensuring we will always share the earth with bald eagles, barking treefrogs, black swallowtails and all the rest of the animal kingdom.

Join us as we explore all this and more!

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