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Red Hills of Georgia

Straddling the Florida line near Thomasville, Georgia's red hills region is one of our state's hidden ecological treasures. First, we explore the diversity of flora and fauna found in the Torrean Ravines with renowned naturalist Bruce Means. We also explore the longleaf pine forest and examine a few species, like the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, which make up the rich biological tapestry of this disappearing ecosystem. We also explore some recreational opportunities at River Creek Wildlife Management Area and visit Reed Bingham State Park's gopher tortoise program.

Web Resources

Tall Timbers Research Station
A not-for-profit organization involved in conservation issues throughout the red hills region. Founded by ecologist Herbert L. Stoddard.

The Coastal Plains Institute
An organization whose main purpose is the preservation of the biotic diversity of the coastal plain of the southeastern United States.

DNR Wildlife Resources Division
Learn more about legal practices for hunting, including hunting seasons, licensing, and use of public lands.

Georgia State Parks
Learn more about Georgia's State Parks, including Reed Bingham State Park, located in the Red Hills of Georgia.

Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
Learn more about the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem from the Georgia Natural Series by Sherpa Guides.

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