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Pine Mountain

Located in the middle of our state, Pine Mountain is one of Georgia’s best kept secrets, and there are plenty of reasons to visit:

The breathtaking views of Pine Mountain’s highest point and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s favorite picnicking spot: Dowdell’s Knob; The majestic walls of Sprewell Bluff State Park, where the Flint river cuts through the pine mountain belt; The fantastic azalea blooms and other attractions at Callaway Gardens; The miles of lush vegetation and abundant wildlife along the Pine Mountain Trail; And the fascinating history at Warm Springs, home of FDR’s Little White House.

We'll explore all this and more on Georgia Outdoors: Pine Mountain.

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Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens is a Pine Mountain, Georgia, resort that blends the tradition of nature-inspired luxury and superior service

with a new era of indulgence and dramatic rejuvenation. The comfort and elegance of this magical Georgia retreat is

surpassed only by the mesmerizing beauty of its expansive natural surroundings.

Roosevelt State Park

Located near the town of Warm Springs, this park is deeply rooted in the historical era of four-time President Franklin D.

Roosevelt. Several structures within the park, including the stone swimming pool and some cottages, were built by

Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression.

Roosevelt Stables
Home to over 28 miles of marked horse trails. Offering guided tours on the Stables' horses and trail maps for those who

bring their own mounts. We offer one hour rides to overnight horse trails for the adventurous and the interested riders.

Roosevelt Warm Springs
Founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1927, Roosevelt Warm Springs continues a tradition of compassion and quality

care that spans 80 years. Entering its ninth decade as a comprehensive rehabilitation center dedicated to service,

technological advancement, program diversity, research opportunities, continuing education and future development on

behalf of persons with disabilities.

Rooselvelt's Little White

Franklin Delano Roosevelt built the Little White House in 1932 while governor of New York, prior to being inaugurated as

president in 1933. He first came to Warm Springs in 1924 hoping to find a cure for the infantile paralysis (polio) that had

struck him in 1921. Swimming in the warm, buoyant spring waters brought him no miracle cure, but it did bring improvement.

During FDR’s presidency and the Great Depression, he developed many New Deal Programs (such as the Rural

Electrification Administration) based upon his experiences in this small town.

American Chestnut Foundation
This chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation has been founded to bring about the restoration of the American

Chestnut tree as a prominent part of Georgia forests by assisting the national foundation in its propagation efforts; by

promoting public awareness through education and by supporting the scientific research efforts directed at restoring

American Chestnuts.

Sprewell Bluff State Park
This little-known gem on the Flint River is the perfect location for a daytime getaway. Visitors can cool off in the gently flowing river, skip rocks across the water, picnic on the river’s edge or toss horseshoes in a grassy field. A three-mile trail winds along the bank and up rocky bluffs, offering excellent views from high above the river.

Pine Mountain Trail
The Pine Mountain Trail, a 23 mile footpath that crosses and follows the beautiful Pine Mountain ridge, offers clear crisp views of distant ridges in winter, with occasional snowfall, to the lush greens of summer ferns and foliage of lowland flora. Wildflowers are abundant and spring brings flowering dogwood, native azalea, mountain laurel and rhododendron. Fall brings bright and beautiful colors, changing from day to day. With the connector trails that form seven loops there are over 40 miles of hiking trails for your enjoyment.