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Nighttime in Georgia

When the sun goes down some animals wake up. Not all creatures sleep through the night like you and me. Classified as nocturnal, these animals prefer the cover of darkness for their activities.

Daytime Georgia is crowded with animals making their way in the world hunting, nesting, migrating. So, animals with the right nighttime adaptations have a rich ecological niche available to them. These animals have to find food in the dark and in order to do this some have developed a highly-advanced senses of smell or specialized hearing abilities such as echolocation. Others have acquired eye adaptations for improved night vision. Nocturnal animals are varied. This diverse group included reptiles, mammals, fish, insects, and we'll try to explore them all!

Homo sapiens are, for the most part, a diurnal species. But some folks like the cool evening, the crisp night air and some like the night sky! Members of the Atlanta Astronomy Club belong in this category. We'll tag along with them for a Georgia Astronomy in State Parks (GASP) event at Unicoi State Park.

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