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Lesser-Known Islands

Georgia's Coast is a magnificent stretch of seventeen barrier islands. Several of them are well known, but how much do you know about Little Tybee Island or Little Wassaw Island? We'll visit them both as well as the rest of the Wassaw Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Next, we'll visit Little St. Simon's Island, a privately owned resort with lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. You can hike, ride, sea kayak, go birding, fish, or just walk along the miles of beaches. We'll also learn why Georgia has the most protected coast on the Eastern Seaboard.

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Little St. Simons Island

Virtually untouched for centuries, Little St. Simons Island is a privately owned 10,000-acre barrier island along the Georgia coast. A rich and varied natural world, its pristine beaches, maritime forests, shimmering marshes and tidal creeks await your exploration. Visit for the day or for the weekend.

You can buy your Georgia fishing license by phone, by mail or online.

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