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Introduction to the Wild

Perhaps there is nothing more powerful than to observe a child's newfound awe of nature. In this program Georgia Outdoors will attend two summer camps that involve children from the inner cities of Savannah and Atlanta and we'll witness their introduction to the wild.

First we'll attend Camp Kiwanis, which is affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta. This weekend get-away for the children of Atlanta hopes to form a lasting awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of our natural resources. Despite some rain, the campers and the Georgia Outdoors crew will participate in activities such as a nature walk, a food chain game, and a water conservation exercise.

In the second portion of this program Georgia Outdoors will head to the coast and attend Sea Camp. Sea Camp is a unique summer learning opportunity offered by the University of Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium, which emphasizes experiential learning in marine science and coastal ecology. Georgia Outdoors attended Sea Camp during a very special weeklong session, which included children from the Savannah Housing Authority's Drug Elimination Program.

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