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Handicap Outdoors

A disability doesn't have to prevent the enjoyment of the great outdoors. We'll meet a handful of outdoors enthusiasts who won't let a disability get in their way.

Meet Geoff Hopkins, the Associate Director of Sports Recreation for the Paralyzed Veterans of America. He travels the country organizing bass tournaments that pair disabled anglers with able-bodied anglers.

Meet Ronnie Howell, a board member of Southern Disabled Outdoors a group that supports disabled outdoor activities but also supports in day-to-day living. We'll join Ronnie on a disabled turkey hunt at the Albany Nursery Wildlife Management Area.

And finally, we'll join a group of enthusiastic hikers from the Center for the Visually Impaired; nothing can stop these hikers, not even a down pouring of rain! Lead by Malcolm Hodges, an ecologist from the Nature Conservancy, we'll hike through the Marshall Forest Preserve using the Big Pine Braille Trail. We'll even blindfold host Michael Skinner!

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Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Sports and Recreation division of Paralyzed Veterans of America is proud to promote a range of activities for PVA members and other people with disabilities.

Center for the Visually Impaired

The mission is to offer comprehensive services to promote independence with dignity and the preservation of self worth for individuals of any age who are blind or visually impaired.

The Big Pine Braille Trail is located on in the Nature Conservancy's Marshall Forest.

Department of Natural Resources

Learn more about disabled hunts on your nearby Wildlife Management Area.

Before you go fishing or hunting be sure to purchase a valid license and read the Georgia fishing and hunting regulations.