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Georgia's Springs: Above and Below

The underwater world of Georgia will be explored for both research and recreation.
The Georgia Outdoors crew, with a full oxygen tank strapped in place, will travel to the spring-fed Flint River. There, we'll survey the enormous striped bass that congregate in the chilly blue hole springs, which average a shivering 68 degrees year round.

Next, we'll join prominent researchers from across the southeast to trap and perform physical exams on the hefty alligator snapping turtles of Spring Creek.

Finally, we'll explore how an ordinary citizen can acquire SCUBA certification and where they can enjoy this extraordinary sport for recreation.

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There are several SCUBA certifying agencies out there. The people in our program were certified by PADI dive instructors.

Georgia Wildlife Web and Snapping and Others Turtle Club

Learn more about differences between the common snapping turtle and the alligator snapping turtle which is listed as threatened in Georgia. And believe it or not, there is a whole website dedicated to snapping turtles and the people who love them. Visit the Snapping and Others Turtle Club.

You can buy your Georgia hunting or fishing license by phone, by mail or online.

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