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Georgia's Springs: Warm and Cold

Below the surface of the earth is a tremendous resource that many of us take advantage of – spring water. We'll explore springs around the state for their beauty, their importance in the environment and we'll even visit some ole-fashioned cold-water swimming holes.

Ground water is not only an essential resource for humans, many species of fish, reptile, and even insect make their homes in springs. We'll learn more about the striped bass of the Flint River "blue holes", the wood storks of Magnolia Springs and the fish redds of Mock Springs.

We'll also visit a spring for pure recreational reasons. Jay Bird Springs was built in 1903 and was the first public swimming pool in Georgia. The current family ownership of Jay Bird Springs tries to keep the atmosphere family friendly.

And finally, we'll visit Warm Springs. A place where two forces of nature, the warm springs water and a future four-time president Franklin Roosevelt, met and changed world history.

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