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4th Annual Nature Photography Contest

The Fourth Annual Nature Photography Contest is intended to solicit outstanding examples of amateur nature photography. This year we received and astonishing number of exceptional images.

First Place Winner – Pete Pattavina

"Well, I guess I was a bit surprised that I had placed in the contest," declared Pete Pattavina during our interview of him for an episode of Georgia Outdoors, "I was rushing to get the photographs in, always the last minute, like everything I do!" We met up Pete and his family at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation where he was a guest of Georgia Outdoors for two nights. Lake Oconee provided a wonderful backdrop for Pete to continue his favorite hobby and snap some first-rate photographs. " We were really amazed when we drove up, everything's great, manicured lawns and gorgeous views of the lake."

The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation is located just 75 minutes east of Atlanta on Lake Oconee. The resort draws on local history and culture as the foundation of the guest experience. Offering 81 holes of golf, a 26,000 square foot spa and lake activities, this luxury resort offers guests an unparalleled experience.

Pete actually achieved first place with two images that tied. He told us more about those images, "I took the winning image in my friends' front yard. Ah, he had just gotten this dog, Honky, a few months before, and I was trying to photograph it because it was such a unique looking dog. And, I think the dog was scared just about everything in the world. And, ah, just that one day, it laid down in the driveway and, ah, allowed me to set up my tripod and, ah, just snapped the photograph. But, ah, that's Honky the dog."

"The pitcher plants I took in Moultrie, Georgia at the Doe Run Natural Area. I was looking throughout this pitcher plant bog for a decent composition which was tough because the plants are so long and tall. Then I saw this group of three and as I was setting it up, this mosquito came underneath one of the pitcher's and just landed there. I should say also that the mosquitoes weren't only on the pitcher plants; we were all of us getting bit by mosquitoes, my wife, my dog, and myself. But, it was worth it in the end. That's probably one of my favorite photographs."

Pete also share some tips for taking great nature photographs. "I think probably the, the most important piece of advice that I would give people that wanted to get into nature photography is you really have to choose your time of day. Try to get out there right after sunrise and right before sunset. It's probably the time when I take ninety-percent of my photographs. Take a look at some of Pete's other work. Congratulations Pete!

2nd and 3rd Place Winners...

More Outstanding Photography

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