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Family Getaways: Past, Present and Future

In Georgia, families have been "getting away from it all" for decades, but where have they been getting away to?

In the past, Tallulah Falls was an allure for many as were the coastal islands of Tybee and Jekyll. People have been traveling to these areas since the advent of the railroad.

In the present, the Chattahoochee River still provides quiet solitude – even within the Atlanta City limits!

And in the future there is Buck Shoals State Park. Buck Shoals State Park is just one part of the Chattahoochee Land Acquisition Program that has the goal of creating a continuous 180-mile corridor along the Chattahoochee River from Helen to Columbus. This corridor will protect the remaining forests and wildlife habitat, and will enhance Georgia by providing public green space. Georgia Outdoors got to visit the future Buck Shoals State Park and we're sure that it will one day be a great family getaway for Georgians of all ages.

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