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Eco – Tourism

Eco-tourism unites travel with ecology, and often with local history. Most people associate eco-tourism with exotic locales far and wide – but eco-tourism is available right here in your own home state.

First we'll visit Sapelo Island with a group from the Georgia Conservancy. Naturalist Fred Hay will lead the way around Georgia's fourth largest barrier island and enlighten us with tales of the island's natural history.

Then we'll dive into some volunteer eco-tourism with REEF, the Reef Environment Education Foundation. REEF was established in 1990 to gather data to be used by the scientific and management communities. This data is collected by thousands of volunteers who take time out of their busy lifestyles to, well, count fish! On this program we'll dive on Gray's Reef, one of only 13 marine sanctuaries in the US and located only 17 miles from Savannah.

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