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Coastal Sports and Wildlife

First we'll join forces with Barb Zoodsma, a marine biologist who spends her days flying over the Atlantic Ocean looking for the migrating right whale. The northern right whale is endangered; there are only about 300 of these creatures left in the world spread out in miles and miles of ocean. It is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

We'll also join the Atlanta Underwater Explorers on their annual winter snorkel and SCUBA trip. The Atlanta Underwater Explorers is an affiliate club of the National Association of Black SCUBA Divers and a highly-active community of recreational divers.

Finally, we'll try our hand at angling for reddrum – also called the channel bass, spottail and redfish. Not so long ago, there were serious questions about the future of this fish. We'll explore the reasons for their decline and subsequent recovery.

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