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Caving Adventures

This is a very special episode of Georgia Outdoors. We will be traveling underground to a cave in southwest Georgia that has never been visited by anyone with a television camera.

Our guides tell us that this is one of the most remarkable caves in the world and they have caved around the globe. It is a tough climb down and in, a beginner shouldn't try it, but it is worth it! Crystal formations fill rooms and corridors from floor to ceiling.

One formation, called angel wings, covers the ceiling of a room so thickly, dripping ever so slowly, that it appears to be many thousands of angels hibernating on the ceiling like bats. It is an extraordinary sight and one not to be missed!

We'll also visit another cave in southwestern Georgia that harbors a colony of thousands of bats. We brought along our infra-red camera so that we could tape these critters undisturbed.

And finally, we'll meet a group of cavers, both adults and children, that have made caving their life.

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