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Almost nothing inspires the outdoor lover in us more than the butterfly – some of the most beautiful and delicate creatures in natural world.

We will first visit the butterfly production facility of the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center at the Gardens of Callaway. There we will learn about the amazing and miraculous life cycle of the butterfly.

Next we will visit the butterfly garden of Mrs. Julie Neel. This private garden is so spectacular that local schools even drop by for field trips! A second grade class from Brookwood School visited while Georgia Outdoors was there, but Mrs. Neel still had the time and energy to give the Georgia Outdoors crew a tour as well.

We'll also learn about the importance of these seemingly simple and decorative insects from Terry Johnson of the Department of Natural Resources Non-Game and Endangered Species Program.

Finally, we've asked Walter Reeves, of GPB's popular show Gardening in Georgia, to show us the basics of planting a new butterfly garden of our own – and the results are something to see!

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1,000 tropical butterflies, representing more than 50 different species, flutter freely through the air.

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