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With summer just around the corner this is show you can't miss! Georgia is home to thousands of acres of lakes and hundreds of miles of river and ocean front making our state great place to explore by boat.

First we'll explore Lake Lanier, the most popular reservoir in Georgia-- and with this popularity comes boat traffic and lots of it! Spend a day on the job with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Boat Patrol and find out just how busy Lake Lanier can get!

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit also patrols Lake Lanier. They use PWCs instead of powerboats; PWCs are personal watercraft but are more commonly know as jet skis. We'll witness this team practice their PWC maneuvers and discuss PWC etiquette.

We'll also attend a novice whitewater kayaking class with Nantahala Outdoor Center instructor, and former Olympian, Wayne Dickert. In 1996, Georgia was home to the Olympics and still maintains the whitewater course on the Ocoee River. Georgia is also home to the Chattooga River, Georgia's only National Wild and Scenic River. Both are great places for whitewater rafting and kayaking!

And finally, we'll explore the Intracoastal Waterway, a 1200-mile course that facilitates the navigation of the entire eastern seaboard. The portion that flows through Georgia may be only 100 miles long, but many feel that it is the most pristine. We'll also get some navigation and safety advice from a Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Officer.

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