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From sunken battleships and river boats to the burial mounds of long vanished native cultures to mysterious shell rings found on our barrier islands… archeology helps us to discover secrets of Georgia's history hidden beneath our soil and scattered along our waterways.

We join a group of school children exploring real artifacts at Fort Frederica, tag along with a group of amateur underwater archaeologists mapping sites along the Chattahoochee, and take a close look at what's left behind at a few important other sites including the Sapelo Island Shell Rings, the wreckage of the C.S.S. Nashville, and mound builders at the Leake Site near Cartersville. All this and more!

Web Resources

Lost Worlds

For more information on the Sapelo Island Shell rings as well as other prehistoric sites such as Fort Mountain, Kolomoki, and Rock Eagle, visit this online interactive museum.

Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division

Manages issues relating to artifact laws, excavations of public land, and other issues relating to archaeology in Georgia.

West Georgia Underwater Archaeological Society

Interested in exploring archeology underwater? The West Georgia Underwater Archaeological Society is a volunteer group working on valuable underwater historic sites around the Chattahoochee and surrounding waters in west Georgia.

Society for Georgia Archaeology

Combines the efforts of professional and avocational archeologists and the interested public to help preserve places and materials in Georgia that are evidence of our rich cultural past.

Fort McAllister

Learn more about the history of Fort McAllister and the sinking of the CSS Nashville.

Ossabaw Island

Learn more about Ossabaw Island and its valuable historic and natural resources.

A comprehensive website devoted to the excavations of the Leake Site near Cartersville.

Georgia State Parks

Visit Georgia State Parks for more information on Georgia's state parks and historic sites.

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