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Series Overview

Coming soon from GPB...the amazing stories of Georgia Greats

1962 - Nuclear attack on America is imminent in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Secretary of State Dean Rusk stands beside President John F. Kennedy to avert World War Three.

1912 - The height of the repressive Victorian era. Juliette Gordon Low liberates girls when she creates the Girl Scouts of the USA.

1974 - A time of virulent racism in America. Hank Aaron defies death threats to break Babe Ruth’s home run record.

Each changed history on the world stage, but all were born or nurtured in Georgia. Whether they saved lives, opened doors, or brightened our world, they are all Georgia Greats…and they are now part of a dramatic new biography series for public broadcasting.

Remember the first time you heard Moon River by Johnny Mercer? Or saw Driving Miss Daisy by Alfred Uhry? What if Bobby Jones had never picked up a golf club? Or Wyomia Tyus had not run in the 1964 Olympics? How did Asa Candler create the Coca-Cola empire? And how did Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. keep Atlanta from burning in the turbulent 1960s?

These are just some of the thirteen stories to be found in the first season of Georgia Greats. The people in Georgia Greats faced daunting challenges; yet each decided not to be ordinary. Each took the hard road to greatness… and changed history.

This groundbreaking series will be produced by GPB, an Emmy-winning Station of Excellence which is recognized nationally as one of the top stations in the PBS system in terms of its size, audience reach and the quality of its original productions.

As part of GPB’s mission, an extensive educational companion website will include multi-media tools to examine the historical and cultural forces impacting each of the subjects in the series. In addition, the series will be featured across all GPB media and social media platforms. Through the power and quality of public broadcasting, Georgia’s history – and its destiny - will be revealed through the lives of its greatest citizens.