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September 24, 2008

Episode #721

Gardening in Georgia

Planting Fescue

Fall is the best time to plant fescue lawns from seed. Walter describes
how to use an aerator to loosen the soil first and then how to spread
seed and straw to get the fescue up quickly.

Publication: Fescue Lawns

Staking Trees

Young trees sometimes need to be staked to support them for a few months
after planting. Walter’s favorite staking material is an old belt. But
what if you don’t like the look of stakes? Walter shows how to make
“hidden stakes” to anchor the rootball to the soil.

Publication: Fast Growing Shade Trees

Angel Trumpet

Their spectacular, trumpet-shaped flowers are common in fall gardens.
They are so beautiful that friends and neighbors often want a “piece” of
the plant to grow in their own landscape. Walter shows an easy way to
propagate an angel trumpet, using nothing more than a bucket of water.

Make an Easy Plant Turntable

Walter finally finds a use for the marbles in his head! He uses them to
make a turntable to make turning houseplants easy. In addition, they can
be used to cover the soil under a plant to decorate it.

Publication: Growing Indoor Plants